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Elissa Down's latest film FEEL THE BEAT is the perfect type of film we need right now. Filled with heart, humour and passion FEEL THE BEAT is inspiring and touchingly funny. At its core is a simple moral that shows just how much we can miss in life if we try and speed through it. Sometimes those setbacks are just pauses that allow us to refocus and recharge.  


We spoke to Director Elissa Down about the making of FEEL THE BEAT and what she hopes audiences will take away from this unique comedy.

TNC Interview 2020 Elissa Down Director Feel the Beat - image of Director Elissa Down sitting on a director chair on film set

Interview with Elissa Down, Director of Feel the Beat

Deaf Actress Shaylee Mansfield Showcases Authenticity on Screen

Los Angeles, California, June 25 – At just 11 years of age, actress Shaylee Mansfield is quickly becoming a household name and role model for all children.

“I’m grateful to have a platform that will give not only Deaf children, but all children to freely speak up, to fight for what they want, and to be fully themselves even if it is not ‘popular,’” Mansfield said in an interview with RespectAbility.


Mansfield draws her inspiration from Daisy Ridley, Gal Gadot and Lauren Ridloff, noting that she is determined to be the next Deaf superhero after Ridloff, who will be appearing in the upcoming Marvel film The Eternals.


Actress Shaylee Mansfield

Deaf actor from Canada cast in film about time travelers

Toronto – Canadian actor Anselmo DeSousa was recently cast in Kismet, a 20-minute film produced by Portland Productions of Toronto.


Kismet is the story of two women in love traveling through time, explained Rebecca Boudreau of Portland Productions. “In love, these women struggle with society’s beliefs and their own convictions. We begin in the late 1700s, jump to the 1920s, on to a post-nuclear era and finish in the year 2300.”

DeSousa answered a public casting call for actors to portray characters from the 1920s. “Since their were no speaking roles in the scene,” said Boudreau, “Anselmo’s deaf disability was never a factor.”


Kismet - Independent film
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