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ASL Master / ASL Coach / ASL Consultant

Anselmo DeSousa has over 30 years of experience as an actor and producer, worked with talents, and behind the scenes. He is an accomplished ASL Master translating written scripts to American Sign Language (ASL). He has consulted producers, directors and talent agencies in formulating and coordinating strategies involving use of sign language, Deaf talents and incorporating sign language during production meetings and on set.


With funding from Trillium Foundation, Anselmo developed ASL Host & Consultant Policies with standards and guidelines on using American Sign Language. This essential tool kit outlines attire and make up considerations when using sign language, sign presentation, delivery, body language and timing. He can also provide guidance on technical aspects and considerations when incorporating sign language including angle, lighting, backgrounds, use of teleprompters, editing and captioning.


Translating written scripts to ASL involves many nuances of sign language and cultural sensitivity, preparation, costume, makeup, appearance, technical considerations and messaging. ASL Consulting may work with script supervisor, editor to match signs to script, ensure sensitivity to Deaf Culture and Deaf Linguistic, and navigate distinctions between English and ASL formats.

Feel the Beat - ASL Master

ASL Master

Working with director or producer on script, translating, sign script to video recordings, and sign delivery.

CODA - ASL Coach

ASL Coach

Anselmo can tutor talents one-on-one as well as teach groups. He can structure and lead sign practice sessions in a similar role to a Voice Coach.

Deaf Culture - ASL Consultant

ASL Consultant

Anselmo can give presentations or workshops on various topics including Deaf culture and role playing. On projects he works directly with key production personnel. He also lead conflict resolution sessions.


Clément Bauer.jpg

“He translated our script and created captioned 

videos for cast members to take home so that they could practice. He ensured that all the ASL was specific to the regional dialect where our story took place.” 


—  Clément Bauer, Associate Producer

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