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Anselmo DeSousa is an Actor and ASL Master. A man of many skills, Anselmo has appeared on TV and film productions. He is an American Sign Language consultant, master in body languages using gestures and facial expressions, a Host, Master of Ceremonies, Presenter, Moderator, and Instructor. Anselmo brings energy and charisma and builds rapport with viewers!


Anselmo was born in the Azores, Portugal and his family immigrated to Toronto, Canada in 1974. He first dreamed of being an actor when he was 12 years old while watching “The Bionic Woman”, and told his mom. She thought he was crazy! But after watching the TV movie “Love is Never Silent” with Deaf actress Phyllis Frelich several years later, he realized he could fulfill his dream. Since then, Anselmo has been on a journey studying and pursuing opportunities to become an actor, writer, and filmmaker.


Anselmo obtained his PME Professional Certificate from Golda’s Kitchen in Sugar Flowers, Rolled Fondant, and Royal Icing & Piping.  Yes, Anselmo is a legitimate sweet tooth - and a master of cake icing art! His passion for baking has led him to make over 80 different kinds of cakes for family and friends.


He currently resides in Ontario, Canada.

Cakes by Anselmo
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